Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Butte Creek Falls

Table Rock was too socked in for me to attempt it today so I went to Butte Creek Falls instead. I have no idea where I read that there was five miles of trails there... NOT. But I was tired anyway and it was all good because I was the only one there and I let Boom have run of the place and she took off like a bancheee on all the trails, everywhere, all at once and the little hellion ran up and down and here and there and got all wore out and had a blast. Boy, if I could scale rocks and trails like she does I would hike the AT next year. I have not doubts about her ability lol .. anyway... we sat on a rock on the opposite of the Lower Falls and I had a nice lunch and a Fat Tire and Boom turned her nose up at her kibble and wanted a california roll [yes I packed in sushi but not the raw kind the kind made with fake crab and avacado and I found some at Safeway that was made with BROWN RICE and it was yummy and the wasabi... mmmm at one point I got a little too much out of the packet and I said "WHOOOOOOO WASABI!!!!!"

Anyway I wanted to hike down to the falls, but it was not inviting to say the least. I could have done it, but frankly I did not want to, especially with a pack that was literally packed to hike to Table Rock, meaning it had provisions for a possible overnight emergency stay in the wilderness. As for scaling down that cliff? No thanks, I'll pass. That is when I decided to let Boom off leash and boy she scaled like that cliff like a penguin sliding on ice, ran around, and back up again and back down again. You probally got the picture with the previous paragraph, but it was simply amazing so I thought I would describe it again. If I wanted to go down there I could have, but I would have to either lower my pack [had no rope, what kind of hobbit am I?] and then fish it back up again. It would have thrown my center of gravity waaaay too far off.

After we hiked out we drove out onto Crooked Finger Road and then drove as far down that road as we could. House Mountain was socked in at about 3,500 feet or lower and I could not find Table Rock at all on the skyline and it is right there somewhere! The area I was driving in is a logging area and there are clear cuts everywhere. It is so sad... so ugly... I wanted to take pictures to show the devistation, but I chose not to. I am thinking I will go back. Yes, it is Oregon law that they have to replant [how the timber companies fought that!] but I still feel like it is a horrible thing to see. We found a little side road and I had to put it in 4 wheel drive to turn around! Whee! I miss driving in 4 wheel drive!

On the way back I stopped and visited Veronica's grave. I cannot believe how over grown it is!!!! She has been gone for just over two years and nobody had taken care of it. The caretakers do not mow it because there are so many gifts left on it. I am going to take my scissors and go back and trim off all the grass and take out the dead plants and anything that needs to go... leaving all the little angels and so on. It looks like nobody has been there in ages.... :-(

I am looking for a good, lightweight flashlight to take hiking to Table Rock next week. That way I do not have to worry about coming back in the dark and I can spend time looking for the petroglyphs that are supposed to be there. I so love that trail. It is a wilderness experience and also it is an ancient trail that the Indians used to travel from this part of Oregon to Central Oregon. Then the pioneers used it to travel to Bagby Hot Springs!

Hmmm I think a trip to Bagby is on the list of to do's for this year! I have decided to just get 25 baby chicks so I will not be so over burdened with farm work and will be able to get away. Also the Valley of the Giants is calling too. It is a 80 acre stand of ancient old growth trees!


At 7:55 AM, Blogger Paula said...

I love how border collies run all over everywhere all at once!

Have you seen the camping flashlights that don't need batteries? You just wind a crank on the side about 15 times, and it shines very brightly for a long time. When the light starts to fade, you just crank it up again! They are very light, too. You should look for one!


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