Saturday, September 05, 2009


I completely forgot that this blog even exists!
I am glad to see it is still here. I have a fun adventure coming up so I will post about it here!

To see what I am up to in my day to day ... Among The Oaks

Have fun! I will be in touch!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

wow has it been this long?

I can't believe how long it has been since my last entry. I think I just became burned out on blogging. I am going to delete all of my other blogs and just use this one for everything :)

Right now I am on day one of the Master Cleanse. It is the same cleanse that I did starting August 1st. It is going very well. I am so looking forward to it.

I am still battling with my self will and OA. The cleanse is a seperate thing from OA and is something I am doing to get the toxins out of my body. I am going to start counting my abstineance after the cleanse is over. I miss the mental clarity that I enjoyed after my last MC.

I ordered a bunch of patterns yesterday! WHEEE! Some are from the green pepper
that I will use to make slippers for everyone out of fleece. I also ordered a hat pattern and a glove pattern. I also ordered this mouse pattern. You must look! It is sooo cute. I am going to make lots of them! Yes, I could have saved the money and tried to make my own pattern, but I don't believe I could have pulled it off. Also I am anxious to see what is in the kit and how I can replicate the items.

I had a partial table at a bazaar in my hometown this past Saturday and I did VERY well (all things considered). My best friend told me years ago to not put a lot of money into your items that you are going to sell. It makes such perfect sense to me! I ended up bringing home $40. The table rent (my part of a table that I shared) was $3 and I probally spent $4 on supplies to make what I sold... if not less.

I am off to go down to the post office to weigh walnuts that I have sold to people online. They are from my best tree and are great. I sold quite a bit at the bazaar too.

That is what is up with me right now.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Am I Nuts?

Since walking 5K at an event is no longer challenging I am actually thinking of taking up jogging/running... cool runnings couch to 5K training plan

Other plans... perhaps the "Goat Mountain Gallop" in April. That, my dear friends, is a half marathon. Yikers.

"The Goat mountain Gallop Half Marathon is a small race with a very loyal following. The Colton-to-Molalla race follows paved, lightly traveled country roads through the foothills of Goat Mountain."

How could I turn that down after all the Portland events I have attended? I love Portland, it is a very beautiful city and it IS a change of scenery after being in the country all the time but I love the country best. Besides there were just 27 walkers this year and just under 80 runners. Small and nice.

I guess I will have to take a drive to Colton to see how hilly the course is and to see the lay of the land!

Race for the Cure 2006

5K Walk
you can click on the picture to get a closer view!

The participants in the main picture of the collage all blend together as they walk down Broadway to become a sea of pink. It was even more amazing to witness! And, as always, goes further than you can see in the picture... what appears to be a grey block at the end of the street is actually a sign hanging down and there are even more people walking under it.

Over 40,000 people participated. I personally witnessed bibs with numbers over 50,000 on them. I am not sure how much money was raised but I know they set a record tonight.

Thank you "A.D." for helping me take pictures!

Yes, I could have made the collage better but it is after midnight ha ha ha and I'm not remaking it lololol

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Butte Creek Falls

Table Rock was too socked in for me to attempt it today so I went to Butte Creek Falls instead. I have no idea where I read that there was five miles of trails there... NOT. But I was tired anyway and it was all good because I was the only one there and I let Boom have run of the place and she took off like a bancheee on all the trails, everywhere, all at once and the little hellion ran up and down and here and there and got all wore out and had a blast. Boy, if I could scale rocks and trails like she does I would hike the AT next year. I have not doubts about her ability lol .. anyway... we sat on a rock on the opposite of the Lower Falls and I had a nice lunch and a Fat Tire and Boom turned her nose up at her kibble and wanted a california roll [yes I packed in sushi but not the raw kind the kind made with fake crab and avacado and I found some at Safeway that was made with BROWN RICE and it was yummy and the wasabi... mmmm at one point I got a little too much out of the packet and I said "WHOOOOOOO WASABI!!!!!"

Anyway I wanted to hike down to the falls, but it was not inviting to say the least. I could have done it, but frankly I did not want to, especially with a pack that was literally packed to hike to Table Rock, meaning it had provisions for a possible overnight emergency stay in the wilderness. As for scaling down that cliff? No thanks, I'll pass. That is when I decided to let Boom off leash and boy she scaled like that cliff like a penguin sliding on ice, ran around, and back up again and back down again. You probally got the picture with the previous paragraph, but it was simply amazing so I thought I would describe it again. If I wanted to go down there I could have, but I would have to either lower my pack [had no rope, what kind of hobbit am I?] and then fish it back up again. It would have thrown my center of gravity waaaay too far off.

After we hiked out we drove out onto Crooked Finger Road and then drove as far down that road as we could. House Mountain was socked in at about 3,500 feet or lower and I could not find Table Rock at all on the skyline and it is right there somewhere! The area I was driving in is a logging area and there are clear cuts everywhere. It is so sad... so ugly... I wanted to take pictures to show the devistation, but I chose not to. I am thinking I will go back. Yes, it is Oregon law that they have to replant [how the timber companies fought that!] but I still feel like it is a horrible thing to see. We found a little side road and I had to put it in 4 wheel drive to turn around! Whee! I miss driving in 4 wheel drive!

On the way back I stopped and visited Veronica's grave. I cannot believe how over grown it is!!!! She has been gone for just over two years and nobody had taken care of it. The caretakers do not mow it because there are so many gifts left on it. I am going to take my scissors and go back and trim off all the grass and take out the dead plants and anything that needs to go... leaving all the little angels and so on. It looks like nobody has been there in ages.... :-(

I am looking for a good, lightweight flashlight to take hiking to Table Rock next week. That way I do not have to worry about coming back in the dark and I can spend time looking for the petroglyphs that are supposed to be there. I so love that trail. It is a wilderness experience and also it is an ancient trail that the Indians used to travel from this part of Oregon to Central Oregon. Then the pioneers used it to travel to Bagby Hot Springs!

Hmmm I think a trip to Bagby is on the list of to do's for this year! I have decided to just get 25 baby chicks so I will not be so over burdened with farm work and will be able to get away. Also the Valley of the Giants is calling too. It is a 80 acre stand of ancient old growth trees!

Monday, August 21, 2006

My Aunts Cabin...

I posted about this earlier but deleted it because more has come to light.

There was a fire at my Aunt's log house today. It started when one of my cousin's kids backed his car into the old building that *was* next to the house. We are not sure how it started. My cousin's son went over to my Uncle and asked to borrow a hose and my Uncle proceeded to tell him that it was broke off. My Uncle and his son T continued to work in the shop, the cousin's son turned and left. Well, we are not sure if the fire had stared all ready and that is why the cousin's son needed the hose, but we are suspect. Maybe more will come to light later on? But the fire started and by the time that my Uncle and his son noticed it the old building, the old maple tree, and the cabin were on fire. The really sad news is that my Aunt's three dogs were in the house and they did not make it. I went up to see what was going on just as the fire crews were starting to leave. I cannot tell you how many firetrucks I passed on my way up the mountain! It was a HUGE crew up there. I am so glad because if that fire would have taken off any more than it did and got in to the timber it could have really got away and done more damage. The house is standing and the walls look good... possibly salvageable. My cousin T said that the inside walls are pretty much gone, but from the reports I heard back from the people who were going in the cabin the floor must be pretty good too because they were going in and brining out some things. The basement where one of my cousin's bedroom is just had water damage. My Aunt and Uncle are retired/farmers and my one cousin lives there. There are no children. It is really sad about the dogs, I am just heartbroken over it. One of the JRT's was in the truck when my aunt and I took my lambs to the broker just a week ago and she was a fantastic little dog. I kept telling my aunt that I was going to take her home...

I was able to get some of my clothes together to give/loan whatever to my aunt so she has something to do chores in. Apparently there is a couple of baskets of her clothing downstairs in the basement that will need to be washed.

The Red Cross was there and I have decided that I want THAT job. I want to go to people in the time of disaster and give them aid. I think it would be a fantastic thing to do.

I am going back in the morning to bring my uncle a 5# bag of white sugar and a hummingbird feeder for his birds. There is still one feeder haging from the porch on the west side and the birds were coming to feed even as we were sitting there. As the Gaffer used to say "Where there is life, there is hope, and a need for vittles"

The Keeper of the Wood

I found this snag on my hike on Sunday on the Smith Creek trail at Silver Creek Falls state park:

Thursday, August 17, 2006

William O. Douglas on mountains

William O. Douglas on mountains
From a letter to a Seattle schoolgirl

Dear Sharon:

A person’s experience on a mountainside turns so much on his own personality. For myself it is a testing ground of my strength and endurance, a pitting of finite man against one of the great rigors of the universe. It is an interesting testing ground. A man — or girl — can get to know himself — or herself — on the mountain. He gets to know his inner strength — the power of the soul to add to the power of the legs and lungs.

In the solitude of the mountains — especially on the highest peaks — he is close to the heavens, close to the outer limits of the earthly zone. It is for me easy, therefore, to have communion with God and to come on understanding terms with my own being.

Other people may have different experiences. These are the essence of mine.

November 6, 1954

Time to Buckle Down!

Eeek! It is 6 weeks until the 10K. Time to start taking this all more seriously! Sure, I could do it today, but do I really want to kill myself off? heh. I don't think so.

I found a very reasonable training plan. Until recently I was looking at a half marathon trainging plan and found it too overwhelming for where I am right now and the fact that I do not need to train to walk THAT far. I am only walking 6.2 miles for crying out loud!!

The funniest thing happened to me yesterday. I was chatting at the weight loss board I belong to and someone on there had put that 5K, no problem, 10K "good luck" kinda post. Like I could not do it! HA! I retorted in a nice manner "as for the nay sayer I hiked a mountain with over 1,000 ft gain and the trail was over 7 miles, I think I can walk a 10K!" heh! One more time that I have found my mountain empowering!

(my mountain... I love the sound of that ...)

This is the training schedule I am using. I really like it because I do not have to worry about actual miles. The half marathon one I was using was too overwhelming to me.

By the way I am seriously thinking about hiking Table Rock again before snow fall. I need to get my trip report posted here! Where does the time go?

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support... especially Paulaberry and Daffy. (((((HUGS))))) and not to mention Ellendalf, Jusy, and alice.... with y'all behind me I feel as if I can do

A N Y T H I N G!!

if only I could make that dance...

hmmm... how about this:

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Mountain Changed Me

view from the top of Table Rock with
seemingly endless mountains in the background
click on picture for larger view

It is hard to put into words, but I am not the same since I came back from Table Rock. Something happened on that trek. I think it has to do with pushing myself to the limit and the self confidence that came with that. Also, the actual risks involved in a hike into the wilderness, especially since we were caught there after dark and had to hike nearly the whole way back with only our flashlights to guide us!

I feel as if I see the world through different eyes now. I have realized more what is truly important and what is trivial. I have also learned a great deal about myself. I have realized that my "issues" with my family are not really with them, but with myself and how I look at things. It is all a feeling underneath me of brewing dissatisfaction of who I am. I feel as if I have suddenly stood on my head and saw the world as it really is, for the first time. Because I have had this boost in knowing who I am... I actually for the first time feel as if I know that. I realize that my feelings of not being happy with my circumstances were a reflection on how I was feeling about myself and not that of what is around me. The petty stupid things I used to get so upset about no longer matter. Treating people I love with dignity and respect does. And it as if I suddenly know what the "score" is and it is not keeping a list of how I was wronged and being sullen and angry about it. I know now that I do matter and it does not bother me any longer when I have been slighted by common human errors that we all inadvertently make. Yes, I am still self centered me and most likely will always be that way, but I am trying, learning and growing.

Tonight I let myself be vulnerable to a family member and then when the old "same old same old" came back around it did not matter. When I let myself open up with this person it is as if I can start counting from that moment on until I am pushed to see if I will cave. I dealt with the old behavior from my family member with tact and dignity like I should with out compromising anything.

Because now I know...
Because I bagged that mountain.