Monday, August 21, 2006

My Aunts Cabin...

I posted about this earlier but deleted it because more has come to light.

There was a fire at my Aunt's log house today. It started when one of my cousin's kids backed his car into the old building that *was* next to the house. We are not sure how it started. My cousin's son went over to my Uncle and asked to borrow a hose and my Uncle proceeded to tell him that it was broke off. My Uncle and his son T continued to work in the shop, the cousin's son turned and left. Well, we are not sure if the fire had stared all ready and that is why the cousin's son needed the hose, but we are suspect. Maybe more will come to light later on? But the fire started and by the time that my Uncle and his son noticed it the old building, the old maple tree, and the cabin were on fire. The really sad news is that my Aunt's three dogs were in the house and they did not make it. I went up to see what was going on just as the fire crews were starting to leave. I cannot tell you how many firetrucks I passed on my way up the mountain! It was a HUGE crew up there. I am so glad because if that fire would have taken off any more than it did and got in to the timber it could have really got away and done more damage. The house is standing and the walls look good... possibly salvageable. My cousin T said that the inside walls are pretty much gone, but from the reports I heard back from the people who were going in the cabin the floor must be pretty good too because they were going in and brining out some things. The basement where one of my cousin's bedroom is just had water damage. My Aunt and Uncle are retired/farmers and my one cousin lives there. There are no children. It is really sad about the dogs, I am just heartbroken over it. One of the JRT's was in the truck when my aunt and I took my lambs to the broker just a week ago and she was a fantastic little dog. I kept telling my aunt that I was going to take her home...

I was able to get some of my clothes together to give/loan whatever to my aunt so she has something to do chores in. Apparently there is a couple of baskets of her clothing downstairs in the basement that will need to be washed.

The Red Cross was there and I have decided that I want THAT job. I want to go to people in the time of disaster and give them aid. I think it would be a fantastic thing to do.

I am going back in the morning to bring my uncle a 5# bag of white sugar and a hummingbird feeder for his birds. There is still one feeder haging from the porch on the west side and the birds were coming to feed even as we were sitting there. As the Gaffer used to say "Where there is life, there is hope, and a need for vittles"


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