Saturday, April 29, 2006

rain and pain

This is the road Boom and I frequently walk, on a nicer day, than today.
It is also the spot where Friendly, one of the farm cats,
often waits for us, and joins us for the walk home.


We were walking in the rain today and I mean one of those famous pacific northwest soakers. It did not bother me except when the wind blew rain right on my face. My wool hat is too big and it kept slipping down in my face. It was good though, no dust! I am seriously looking at some 2 mile stretches of road that Boom and I can walk when the weather gets more dry, with out having to deal with the dust of a gravel road. Though I do not care too much for paved roads, maybe some gravel roads with less traffic!

Well I might have to quit walking for a while. I am sad over this development, but it has been a long time coming. My hip was really "barking" on our walk today. *laugh* My hip, not Boom, did all the barking on this trip! I took ibruprophin for the first time in regard to this injury and ended up at mom's sitting in a chair with a half bag of frozen broccoli on my hip and it is still bugging me. Afterwards I had broccoli with my dinner!

I guess I will start doing yoga in the mornings again and then schedule hip stretching exercises several times a day, and discontinue my walking for a few days and see what happens. Perhaps yoga before walking would be good too. I really want to walk! Then I read on the trail journals how hikers with injury take a few days off all the time and then feel much better. That gives me hope!

The other thing is that Boom and I have an event coming up in May, the Doggie Dash which isn't that far off. I really want to do this event because it is going to be a blast with about 2,000 dogs and their humans will be there! I hear it is very funny to watch and even more fun to participate in.
I am reading an excellent trail journal by a man named Big Red. He hiked the AT in 2002. I assume that he made it.... I can't wait to find out! The reason I like his journal so much is that when he started out he was only hiking 4-5 miles a day! Now that is someone I can relate to! Where I am now he just passed the 200 mile mark and is starting to hike more than 10 miles a day. This guy is my hero.
I am supposed to go to Moe's tomorrow night and I am going to take several pictures with me to be scanned, including the one taken at the 5k. I am excited about getting that one up on the web, though I don't know why... It is NOT a good picture of me, but all in the same it was a very proud moment!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Today I was down cutting briars off of the fence. As I was there, cutting away, I realized how much I really and truly want to hike the Oregon leg of the PCT. It is over 400 miles. The plus is that it is in my "neck of the woods" so that if I did need to bail because of injury or so on, it would be easy to get a ride home. But would that make it easier for me to give up?

Here is a picture of Table Rock that I took from Lookout Mountain last spring.

Right now Table Rock is covered with snow, meaning it is not accessible by me YET.

I also want to hike in Bull of the Woods Wilderness this summer. That should be enough to get my feet wet so that I truly know that I will enjoy backpacking. I just have a feeling that I will love it. There is nothing I love better than being out on a walk with my Boom. Nothing at all. And the thought about being completely dependent on God for EVERYTHING ... You cannot get that in modern life. There are so many hiking stories where what is called "trail magic" happens, and I know it is the hand of God reaching out to those in the wilderness, even though so many people do not know it is Him. I am not saying I need to go into the wilderness to be with Him :) I know better than that... I just would like time ALONE with Him, and with me, and of course Boom... Which I have right now but she is torturing the cat again.

5K Finish

this place is reserved for picture of Boom and I finishing the 5K
heh heh heh

bridge to bridge 5K

Well, we did it!
As my friend said "you walked the talk"

As I am waiting to get the pictures of Boom and I just before we crossed the finish line, I thought I would include some that I took on the walk.

I would walk along, reach into my pocket, keep walking, turn camera on, stop for a SPLIT SECOND to take the picture, walk and look down to make sure it "took" .... very coordinated effort! But I wanted to have some memories of my first 5K.

Boom was awesome and she had such a great time. She kept wanting to take off with the runners. "Why oh why are we not going THAT FAST"
*shrughs* guess you should have gotten yourself a skinny momma who likes to run heh heh heh

1 mile down and heading to the Broadway Bridge