Sunday, March 19, 2006


Today Moe, Boom and I went geocaching and had a really great time.

The interesting thing about doing something for the first time is that you are not quite sure how it works. First of all a 1.5 terrain does NOT mean scrambling up a hillside and it means that the cache is NOT up said hillside. Then there is the fact that sometimes your gps unit will not quite cooperate because you are under the tree canopy. Still we managed to find our very first geocache! Moe totally rocks... she is persistant and has a keen sense of where things are. I was just trying to unscramble my brian from having all those numbers run around and around in my head. (Numbers are NOT my thing)

Once we found it we headed to another one that was very simple and found that one right away. It is one of those that you do not necessarily need a gps to find the cache because the clue is so good. I like these kinds of caches because anyone can find the hidden treasure. Not everyone can afford a gps!

One thing is for sure ... We are definately HOOKED and will go geocaching again!

Boom was FANTASTIC. She is such a well behaved dog and a joy to take on outings! I am truly blessed to have her for a dog. This was a "trial run" to see how she would behave when I take her on trails. Needless to say she passed with flying colors.